(Pre Order) Winding Paths: A Playable Reading Experience

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Winding Paths is a unique, pick-your-next-story anthology of speculative game stories and poems written by award-winning writers and new voices. Weave your way through stories, poems, puzzles, clues, and unexpected surprises. Or take a break from reading and play the boardgame on the cover. Use the game pieces and instructions provided in the book to play the Royal Game of UR on the front of the book.

The table of contents for Winding Paths contains:

  • "Autonomous Playthings" by Angela Yuriko Smith
  • "The Peri’s Gate" by Marianne Xenos 
  • "Changing the Rules" by Nina Kiriki Hoffman 
  • "Boring Stupid Demons" by Eric Shanower 
  • "Dicing with Destiny" by Ben Monroe 
  • "Be Prepared" by Lara Messersmith-Glavin 
  • "Juego de Prenda" by Armin Tolentino 
  • "Jamie Dice" by Dan B. Fierce 
  • "Clara" by Clementine Radosevich 
  • "Bones" by Cody T Luff 
  • "Beat the Devil" by Moaner T. Lawrence 
  • "Dead Man’s Hand" by Niyyah Ruscher-Haqq 
  • "Lucky Seven" by Steve Graziani 
  • "Vile Games for the Future" by Maxwell I. Gold 
  • "The Fool’s Gambit" by Mark Teppo 
  • "The Gamers’ Consequences" by Eric Witchey 
  • "Ordinary Wars" by Katie Bennett 
  • "Funeral Games" by Sarah Walker 
  • "New Orientations" by Roni Stinger 
  • "Ullamaliztli" by Tania Chen 
  • "Ava" by Andrew W. McCollough 
  • "Hurts, Don’t It?" by J. Rocky Colavito 
  • "King Yunan and Hakim Royan" translated by Munes Tomeh 
  • "Start" by Kate Ristau 
  • "Rad Babies" by Erik Grove

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(Pre Order) Winding Paths: A Playable Reading Experience


(Pre Order) Winding Paths: A Playable Reading Experience

0 ratings
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